If you have a lake or pond, then you have aquatic management needs.manage Most lake and pond owners or managers do not have the knowledge, or employ personnel that are qualified, to take care of these needs. Our licensed and insured staff has the equipment and experience to eliminate the headaches associated with owning and maintaining a lake or pond. By monitoring and treating your water on a monthly basis, we can control unwanted vegetation, keep equipment operating properly and treat potential water quality problems that we discover before they cause too much damage. Our management program includes:

  • Twelve to eighteen onsite visits per year
  • Water quality testing and analysis
  • Labor to treat nuisance aquatic vegetation
  • Labor to add dye and beneficial bacteria
  • Labor to apply mosquito control products
  • Routine equipment maintenance
  • Minor trash and brush pick up
  • Phone and email consultation

In addition, we will send you a monthly report detailing the status of your lake or pond and a description of any services we provided.