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Lakes and ponds are specialized environments that need ongoing maintenance by someone that understands their ecology. Our licensed and insured staff has the equipment and experience to eliminate the headaches associated with the maintenance of a lake or pond. By monitoring and treating your water on a monthly basis, we can control unwanted pondweeds and algae, keep fountains and aerators operating properly and address potential water quality problems before they cause too much damage. We also check water levels to make sure a leak hasn’t developed or a refill pumping system hasn’t failed.  Our annual lake and pond management program includes:

  • Eighteen onsite visits per year
  • Water quality testing and analysis
  • Labor to treat pond weeds and algae
  • Labor to add dye and beneficial bacteria
  • Labor to apply mosquito control products
  • Fountain and aerator maintenance
  • Minor trash and brush pick up
  • Phone and email consultation

These annual lake and pond management plans are perfect for owners and managers that want a beautiful pond but don’t have the knowledge or employ personnel that are qualified to keep them looking that way. We handle all aspects of pond maintenance so that you or your employees don’t have to. Our crews will be onsite once a month in the cooler months and twice a month in the warmer months because that’s what it take to control pondweeds and algae in the Texas heat.  We’ll treat unwanted vegetation, check water quality, make sure your fountain or aerator is working properly and pick up any trash or debris floating in the water. We’ll also add dye, beneficial bacteria or mosquito control products if needed. Then we’ll send you a report that tells you what we’ve done and if there are any problems you need to be aware of. In short, we make pond management easy and we’ll make your pond beautiful.

Lake and Pond Management