Servicing Horseshoe Bay, Granite Shoals, Sunrise Beach and all areas of Lake LBJ

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    Texas Lake and Pond Management is a licensed and insured lake and pond management company servicing San Antonio, Austin and all of Central Texas. We specialize in the maintenance of lakes and ponds at apartments, office parks, shopping centers, real estate developments, neighborhoods, school campuses, private ranches, golf courses, city and county parks and other public venues. Lakes and ponds in Texas need regular maintenance, just like yards and landscaping do.

    We offer a treatment plan that targets watermilfoil along with another unwanted form of aquatic plants known as filamentous algae and hydrilla verticillata. This plan includes application by our licensed and insured crews of an approved aquatic herbicide, along with an algaecide, that have no use restrictions for swimming, fishing, pet watering and irrigation of established plants. We apply these products by injecting the solution into the lake weed beds in deeper water and by spraying it over them in the shallow water. We are diligent about treating under jet ski lifts, piers, docks and into boat slips.